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Connect with Mobile. Stay Ahead of the Curve


Aphone-with-MNCTA-Homet the very minimum you need to have a mobile site with a mobile strategy to connect with customers who use their smart phones. All sites are visible on a mobile device, but your mobile strategy has to consolidate content to make it a better customer experience.


Mobile search has trippled in the last 3 years and its going to pass desktop search sooner than you think. Also, more than 50% of all mobile search has local intentions. This means people in your area, are looking for businesses just like yours.


Without a great way for someone to search with their mobile device, find you, and easily click a button to make a phone call to your office or find your address, you are missing out on an easy opportunity to grow your business. More importantly, if your competitors have a good mobile site, they could be taking business right out of your hands.




Our ConnectMobile package consists of a LiveEdit mobile site that you can manage internally, combined with Connection Done for You Marketing to get and stay in front of your current and prospective customers with social media, blogging, and email marketing done for you twice each month.


ConnectMobile Investment Price

$490 Down / $199 Monthly

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