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We all get what we want - it's up to you

You get what you pay for is term that throws a spotlight on quality and price. Those are two very subjective words that create “value” in the minds of patients. Read More


Make it Easy on them!

This one comes directly from Seth Godin’s blog post titled Message amplification isn't linear

Put two loudspeakers next to each other, and the perceived sound isn't twice as loud--and ten times as many speakers certainly doesn't seem ten times as loud.Read More


You don't know...What you don't know

Getting found online is easy. If your practice is constantly connecting with a great experience then your evangelists are talking about you. Word of mouth referrals still continue to be the BEST way to get the patients you want and they are going to your website for validation.Read More


Are you keeping your promise?

You brand is the promise you make to customers and the experience you provide.

Can you tell me what your brand stands for in 3 words? You probably can, but can your staff and your patients?Read More

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