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Making Thanks an Unexpected Connection

Saying Thanks around Thanksgiving or sending Christmas cards in December is easy. The barrier to entry is low and it can often be dismissed and filed away as “expected” in the pile of holiday cheer. Read More


Discover the why

It’s easy to talk about what you do. And if you’ve taken a look into your practice, you probably can identify a few differentiation points that point to how you do it. But it takes a hard look in the mirror to determine why you do what you do.

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Online Trust is Intentional

Get real! Online interaction rarely happens with people we don’t trust. Here’s a great post by Seth Godin that shows what needs to happen before your audience embraces what you have to say on your website, your email marketing, and your social media posts:


Do Your Work, Not the Work Others Expect

Seth Godin uses the example of a pizzeria in New York that doesn’t offer delivery, doesn’t sell pizza by the slice, doesn’t accept credit cards, and doesn’t do reservations. But this doesn’t mean they are not successful. Read more about this example and its application to your practice here.

You have a vision and understanding of what you offer and to whom you offer it. There are people that will question and challenge that. Don’t let your business suffer because someone sways you from your niche.


Do you really know your Evangelists?

Practices use marketing efforts to move patients through a life cycle of connection built on 4 strategies:

  1. Awareness: Making patients aware of your practice, your philosophy, your brand.
  2. Trial: Getting patients in the door to try your practice.
  3. Preference: Connecting on a level that gets patients to prefer your practice over another.
  4. Evangelists: Giving your patients an experience and a feeling that makes them only come to you and then get up on the mountain top to tell everyone they know about your practice, your philosophy, and your brand experience.

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