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Being found vs. being sought

In the today's world of getting found on Google, there are many SEO and marketing companies that can promise the world of getting you ranked higher Google. If that's your objective and that's the patient you want - then budget it and go for it.

The alternative is to build an experience that patients choose to talk about, choose to find, and choose to look for. NOT something like it. But it.

It's nice to be found, but essential to be sought after.

Patients can connect with you or they can connect with the services you provide. Which patient would you rather have?




Happy Wow Day

If you thing you can't make a difference in somebody's day . . . Think again! Take a look at this blog post by Seth Godin. If your patients felt the wow, how could it affect your brand?


If a picture speaks 1,000 words, what do the colors say?

Color plays a significant role in our lives. From the allure of a red racecar to the significant tone of wearing black to a funeral, color helps us portray emotion and sentiment.

According to Office Max’s Workplace Exchange magazine (page 22), color says a lot about you and your practice.

  • Black: Authoritative; too much can make you seem unapproachable
  • Gray: Sophisticated and confidentRead More

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