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9 Signs of a Healthy Brand

This is a great post from Branding Strategy Insider. There are 9 sure signs that a relationship between a brand and a patient is healthy, personalized and mutually beneficial:

1. Consistency – there is a regular pattern to how, when and why engage

2. Integrity – there are no hidden agendas on either side

3. Openness – facts and opinions are shared

4. Humor – people smile at the thought of being in each others company

5. Delight – there are pleasant surprises for everyone



6. Confidence – people believe in themselves and each other

7. Time – everyone is given the time they need to do their best work

8. Endorsement – names and experiences are shared

9. Value – everyone feels they get what they need to get and more, out of each exchange

If you can remember each of your last three patients, try marking them against these criteria. If you’re honest, you’ll probably find there’s a spooky correlation between the marks you give and what you actually feel about the relationship with the people involved.

If you can’t remember the last three exchanges in detail, despite what the numbers might be telling you, you don’t have ideal patients. You’re just negotiating traffic. And chances are, someone feels like they’re being taken for a ride.


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