Connection done for You


Connecting with your patients and prospects through social media, blogging, and email is a vital part of growing your practice in today’s world. You have to do it, but you might not always have the time to manage it.  Connection done for You package is designed to get your practice set up and rolling with social media, blogging, and email marketing done for you twice a month.


Your very first step should be to simply get on the map of social media, email and blogging. This is where your clients are spending their time and they need to see you there. 


Doing this requires both a presence in social media and consistent, quality activity that will create opportunities for engagement. Connection done for You puts you on the map.  It gives you a strong footprint and avoids the immediate need to spend your precious time becoming the expert in digital marketing.

First Thing's First - Then . . .


Our goal is at a minimum to get you on the map with Connection done for You marketing twice a month. No need to try to find the time or create the content to put into your blog or social medial posts. We create and send the content for you twice a month with relevant health and wellness information that keeps you in front of your audience.


As you (at your own pace) become an efficient Marketing Guru through the Chiro-Connect program, you can begin to add your own content to your connection done for you platform. 


Here's the Key


You don't have to wait until you become a guru to get on the map.  In fact, waiting puts you way behind and you'll end up spending more time, more money and more effort trying to catch up than you will by immediately getting yourself on the new media marketing map and then slowly learning how to make it better for your business.