Don't do it Yourself (DDIY)


We agree your time is limited. Our goal is to teach you how to become more efficient and effective in today's connection marketing landscape. Twice a month we deliver webinars and blogs on relevant marketing and business topics with tips and direction to Don't do it Yourself.        


Learn . . . Empower . . . Grow


The DDIY "bi-monthly" marketing webinars bring you (or your staff) an ongoing marketing, branding, and business education curriculum designed to deliver tools, tips, and strategies that help you connect more efficiently. As well as teach or empower your staff to manage this part of your business - that way you can focuss on what you are passionate about.



Who is Going to Help You Grow?


If you had the time you could really develop and execute a successful marketing strategy, but that’s not what you do. Great business owners (especially practicing Doctors) have to embrace marketing efficiency. You have a few options:


  1. Do it yourself: It’s an option, but it takes away from what you do and makes it hard for real growth.
  2. Hire a Marketing Coordinator: Very expensive option to get mediocre traction on your marketing efforts. And finding and managing a forward thinking marketing guru that won’t break the bank is difficult.
  3. Hire a Specialist: If your practice has resources to burn, then hiring a marketing consultant, an SEO company, a mobile/website developer is a great option.