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LiveEdit Website


Christmas Tree Connect provides you with a state of the art LiveEdit website. LiveEdit is an intuitive technology that allows you to manage and customize your website as a marketing tool. In today’s world, change is an important part of connection. Your website has to reflect your brand, message, and audience’s uniqueness. LiveEdit can help you create and grow customer relationships, because you can create content that is personal to your clients by way of the user-friendly interface. Learning to manage your own content will save you money and allow you to make a personal connection through web marketing.

Mobile Website


Smart phone internet usage is growing at a rate of 30% each year. With this increase in smart phone usage, our LiveEdit technology provides a mobile component, so you can edit and view all changes to your website and mobile site in real time, onscreen, and side by side. With the tap of a finger your customers will be able to view your user-friendly mobile site from their hand held device.


LiveEdit Hosting, Training and Support Page


We maintain ongoing LiveEdit hosting, training and support free of charge. LiveEdit has a hosted solution that employs multiple servers with redundancy capabilities. Christmas Tree Connect training for Live Edit is available four times per month via webinar or in-office groups to ensure you get the most out of the opportunity you have to customize your own website. Ongoing support is available for all LiveEdit technical inquires. We are just one phone call away.


Weekly Marketing and Branding Blog


Chiro-Connect is based on the importance of education in the marketing process. Blogs can help differentiate your tree farm through fresh content and relevant links. Bi-monthly blogs will help you stay connected with fresh marketing and branding techniques which will increase sales and allow you to stay connected with your customers and other businesses.


Customized Training


On-going and custom training tailored to your website’s functionality and your technological education.


Monthly Marketing Webinar (Don't Do It Yourself)


We call them our Don't Do It Yourself (DDIY) bi-monthly marketing webinars that provide you with cutting edge marketing tools, tips, and strategies that help you make wise marketing decisions. The smartest decision you can make is empowering your staff to take your marketing to the next level. Every one of our webinars teaches you how to empower your team to market more efficiently.


QR Code Generator & Mobile Landing Page


Christmas Tree Connect will help you create ongoing marketing campaigns that drive prospective customers from a printed QR code to an “exclusive offer” landing page. This will provide customers with short cuts that connect them directly to “exclusive offers” creating more traffic to your unique services or mobile landing page. Customers can act immediately without needing to go directly to your location.


E-mail Marketing Template


An e-mail marketing template is provided through LiveEdit so e-mail can be used as a tool to retain customers and maintain meaningful connections. Being able to reach customers is becoming more difficult, but with this e-mail template, relevant and timely information is displayed in an attractive way to reach customers with the positive message that you care.


5 Pages of Copywriting or Unlimited Pages of Copywriting


Set yourself apart. Tell your personalized story and connect with your customers. We provide the initial copywriting and editing of your sites content. It’s important that your work ethic and attention to detail come through in an individualized personal way with fresh content.


Connection Done for You Marketing


Connection Done for You Marketing is an engagement technology system that manages e-mail newsletters, social media postings, and web TV content that is sent out for you. Click here to learn more.


Annual Brand Audit


In addition to the initial copywriting and editing service, this annual report will evaluate your copy and content to make sure you’re up to date and consistent with your brand. Staying on-message with your brand can be the difference between a consistent, thriving business and a discordant, struggling business. We know how busy you must be, so let us help you so you can do your job better.


New Logo Development


You don’t always get a second chance to make a first impression and as they say, “first impressions are everything in business." Christmas Tree Connect will work with you to create a fresh logo that will be an important visual first impression to your customers and furthermore will be a lasting symbol of success for your brand.


Monthly or Quarterly SEO Development & SEO Reporting


We will evaluate and report how easily your website is found through search engines, and then update Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase the amount of traffic to your website. We will suggest ways that you can improve SEO and link to other websites that are related to the tree farming and producing industry.